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So... What's this all going to cost?

Fees for Services as of : 1 June 2017     
Fees valid in standard service area, mostly.

  M - F Sat Sun
♫ : Fine Tuning (A440) * $150.00 $225.00 $300.00
♫ : Pitch Correction ¹ $70.00 $105.00 $140.00
♫ : All other services ² $80.00 / Hr $120.00 / Hr $160.00 / Hr
♫ : Minimum Service Call ³ $100.00 $150.00 $200.00
 ♪ :An additional Service Call fee may be added to appointments outside my normal service area.

♫ : 10% discount...

...on all services when appointment includes service on two, or more, pianos in the same location, or within a block or two of each other. They don't have to both belong to you, but they must be scheduled on the same day, one right after the other.

☛ : Important :

I send out email confirmations at the time appointments are scheduled as well as a confirmation email several days prior to the appointment date. If you need to cancel PLEASE try to give me at least 24 hours advance notice, when possible. I am quite forgiving of the fact that sometimes "things happen", but please be considerate. Last minute cancellations and no-shows may be subject to an additional Minimum Service Call charge.

☛ : Payment :

Balance due upon completion of service. I prefer checks. Cash is always welcome. I like PayPal, and I'll accept credit cards, if you'll cover the service fees.

* : A service call for Fine Tuning includes fine tuning the piano to A440, cleaning the keys, dusting around the pinblock, the plate and soundboard under the strings, checking and adjusting the pedals as needed, and polishing fallboard brass where possible. Also, if minor adjustments or easy repairs are required that only take a few minutes or so I generally will include them at no additional charge.

¹ : A pitch correction may be required if it's been more than a couple of years since the piano was last serviced. The need for a pitch correction cannot be determined without actually seeing the piano. A pitch correction is done prior to fine tuning. Both pitch correction and fine tuning are done on the same visit.

² : No additional work beyond Fine Tuning shall be done without customer approval.

³ : Minimum Service Call is not an hourly rate. It is a fixed fee that covers up to one hour of service when a tuning is not required. Regular hourly rate applies after the first hour.

: Yes, the above information does get modified from time to time.